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Feature-Driven Development benefits


Team full alignment

It forces Stakeholders, Product Owners, and Software Engineers to have a complete alignment between what is a feature, reflected in the product definition, product design, and the code itself.

High level of uncoupling

Designing an application as an ecosystem of independent features creates a high level of uncoupling at an application level, ensuring that we won’t be reducing the development speed due to coupling issues by adding more features.

Permission systems

It allows for a seamless implementation of permission systems.

Usage by feature

With a proper structure behind it, it allows measuring cost and usage by feature, enabling stakeholders to understand the impact of each of them individually.

Feature reusability

Having features separated from other application elements (pages, modals, etc.) allows for having the same feature reused in different places of the application.

Code reusability

It pushes software engineers to differentiate between application services and domain services early to optimize code for reusability between features when it makes sense.

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